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Is Your Wounding Running Your Relationship?

The absolute primary cause of relationship breakdown I have observed in my own situations and others is inner child wounding causing men to treat women they live with as if they should become substitute mother to make up for wherever they felt failed by their own parents when they were little, and women doing the same with men (making a man the father figure). And however this plays out in same sex relationships where there’s undealt with shit.

Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be the Whole of the Law

Alistair Crowley was a controversial figure.

The man who called himself ‘The Great Beast’ and was known for summoning demons as well as angels, Occult scholar, writer, poet, lover, creator of one of the most powerful Tarot decks, the Thoth Tarot, cards most certainly not designed for the faint of heart.

He was abused as a child and his experiences no doubt shaped who he became as an adult. Viewed with fear and suspicion by many who were terrified of his endless curiosity about all things magickal.


When you’re passionate about life, shitfucks can be one of THE most irritating things ever.

The term shitfucks, might I add, did not originate with me, but with my best friend and fellow genius powerhouse legend Anita Siggurbergsdottir (henceforth referred to as Viking Queen). A shitfuck is really defined as ‘what you don’t want to experience, usually occurring at a grand magnitude, always as a result of a poor choice you have made according to old negative patterns, rather than who you wish to actually BE’.

Tacos, Mezcal and Drag Queens FTW

So, on Saturday night we (Al and I) met up with our friends Nick and Petra at a new place in Bristol, on the site of the old Colston Street fancy dress shop. Downtown Taqueria was the perfect answer to the slightly winsome plea I’d put out that ‘there must be more than just Oahaca doing decent tacos in Bristol - I have to have tacos!!’ Just 3 days beforehand. I’m a sucker for GOOD Mexican food (and a fusspot too, I will admit) so the stakes were high, so to speak. Of course Mezcal was on the menu too, because it frankly would be fucking rude not to.

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