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This piece of energy work can be used daily over the course of six months to strip away everything that is not you, bringing you back to who you actually are underneath all of the many layers of conditioning and indoctrination you are currently operating from. Or you can choose to become more conscious with how you apply it and use intention to direct it to free up specific areas of your life experience.

Price: $50.00



According to Wikipedia 'Ikigai (生き甲斐, pronounced [ikiɡai]) is a Japanese concept that means "a reason for being.". The word "ikigai" is usually used to indicate the source of value in one's life or the things that make one's life worthwhile.' If you look at the diagram illustrated here you can see that Ikigai is the conflagration of what you love, what you get paid for, what you are good at and what the world needs, in other words, purpose and passion with a career/work/business slant on it (what you get paid for is definitely a part of the equation)

Price: $111.00

Source Integrity


This piece of work can be run every time you want to make sure that the whole of your structure including your sacred geometry and channels are aligned with Source/Creator rather than any lower frequency influences (beings, other people, whatever). It brings your cells and all parts of you back into full divine alignment. Can be used regularly to ensure that you're in ascension rather than descension mode. Works particularly well when combined with Electrified by Life (run that one afterwards)

Price: $70.00

More Money Masterclass Bundle


On offer for $120 rather than $400.

This bundle contains: Zero Fcks
More Money Masterclass
Divine DNA Activation
Divine RNA Activation
Divine Genetic Activation.
All of these can also be obtained inclusive as a membership of the Ignition Point as part of the materials in there. You can read more about that and join here if it feels aligned for you

Price: $120.00

Zero Fcks


This work clears and removes the energy, trauma, programs etc and effects of anyone you have ever had sex with and unhooks from the sexual misery grids and programs fully across the whole network. Unconscious sexual misery and shame are massive blockers on creative energy which create back door hacks for others to tap into and drain your energy even years after you've last seen or fcked them. This work is super powerful and puts all that shit in the bin.

Price: $50.00

Electrified By Life


Transmutational power magic for your shadow shit. This piece of energy work can transform any shadow you are experiencing, sucking the power out of it and repurposing it so that you go from scared/confused/stuck/blah/bored to zingy, motivated, energised and quite possibly even horny for this little thing called life. Seriously, it's the tits for every time you're wanting to be turned on by life but just aren't.

Price: $70.00



This piece of powerful stabilising energy work is designed for daily use to both fully ground you and your intentions for the day so that you can enter each day feeling stable, confident and secure within yourself. Ideal for use during times of upheaval and change so that you can weather the shifts with more grace and inner calm, and take actions from a place of embodiment rather than anxiety or being half in half out of your body (a common issue with anyone who has undergone any kind of 'spiritual awakening' as the root can often be compromised and this deals with all that).

Price: $70.00

From Survive To Thrive


This powerful energetic tool can be used to move your ANY of relationships whether with people, things or situations in all areas of your life from survival mode to thrive mode like a rocket. Based on similar energetic process to that which i use in my 1:1 work it makes a great basis for self enquiry and profound transformation throughout your cells and nervous system. Can be combined with other products for even more dramatic effects - simply muscle test yourself on which others may compliment your work on yourself to find out what is best suited for you.

Price: $50.00



This piece of multiple use of energy work is designed to highlight the fact that you're one of a kind and remove programming and conditioning that has you attempting to fit in with the crowd or emulate others rather than standing out for your utterly unique core qualities, abilities and gifts.

Price: $99.00